Meet Lord B


Ich bin: A cat-loving, bike-fanatic Englishman who sports impeccable manners.
Mich reizt: I beg your pardon?

Due to his impressive but not officially confirmed Anglo-Britannic ancestry, Lord B has been appointed the castle’s chief of regal behaviour. He has joined the ranks of volunteers to advise other volunteers on the finer points of court etiquette, as typically applied in British stately homes and palaces. Whilst staying in the château, he also ensures that Fougerette’s cycle fleet is running smoothly so the volunteers can hurry around the estate when he calls for them to bring him a fresh pot of tea and cucumber sandwiches. This of course includes the chariot that carries Princess Mathilda when she wishes to be driven around the castle grounds to see the royal frogs on the sacred lake or the baby ducks and fluffy bunnies in the children’s garden.

Surprisingly, even though due to his elevated station in life Lord B must of course be qualified as a snotty aristocrat, he takes everything in his own stride and is of great help when it comes to cutting up the trees when they are felled, painting beautiful oak balustrades and palatial windows, installing electric chandeliers and cooking grand royal buffets fit for Kings & Queens. In his spare time, he keeps track of the ongoing repair works and keeps the workshop in top order. According to his own words, getting  involved with the normal daily activities around the castle sort of helps him to stay grounded ; -)

Lord B hält derzeit unsere Werkstatt im Schuss und würzt das Schlossleben mit einer gehörigen Prise britischen Humors.

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